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How to be a guest speaker on a podcast in my niche?

Being a guest speaker on a podcast in your niche can help you position yourself as an expert in your field. But getting booked on podcast show can seem a little overwhelming and you are not sure where you should start.

Here are some tips to help you become a successful guest speaker on a podcast.

1. Research the Podcast: Before you reach out to a podcast, make sure you do your research. Listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the podcast’s style and content. This will help you determine if the podcast is a good fit for you and your message. Gather a list of podcast shows that you would like to be on with all relevant informations such as the name of the show, the name and contact information of the host.

2. Reach Out to the Host: Once you’ve identified the podcasts that you’d like to be a guest on, reach out to the hosts. Create a template for an email pitch, introducing yourself and explaining why you’d be a great guest. Make sure to include a link to your website or social media profiles so the host can learn more about you. Make sure the message is short and straight to the point. The magic formula is:

Your background and expertise + The host's style, background and expertise= Added value for the audience.

Here a short email pitch example for you to copy paste and adapt to your situation:


My name is XYZ and I'm a XYZ. I'm looking to be a guest speaker on shows and I feel we could have an interesting conversation about XYZ (your main expertize) that can provide value to your audience.

In the past, I've been doing XYZ and more recently I've accomplished XYZ. In the future, I would like to XYZ.

If you are interested, please see my links below:

Your social media handle

Keep up the good work, I truly enjoy your show!

Have a great day,

Do not send a longer message! Most likely the host or the podcast producer won't even read if it feel too long or too impersonal (believe us, we receive hundred of emails like this per month!).

3. Booking: If you are dealing with a professionally managed podcast show, you'll be asked to provide a short bio, all your relevant links and a headshot for the thumbnail and episode cover. This is crucial a crucial step that is often bypassed by first timers. Make sure you are sending all the information in the format they asked for. And, by the way, a "short bio" is a short paragraph that serves as a brief professional biography. These little blurbs sum up your current position, your years of experience in education and the workforce, plus your professional goals. Pay attention because this short paragraph will be seen by all of the show's listeners. If you don't send your bio, chance are that a short random paragraph will be written with information available to you online. Make sure your first impression is flawless, control your bio! Same thing will happen for your headshot. If you don't send it, most likely a random picture of you might be used and see by all the show's listeners. Again, take control of your image and send your headshot. As for your links, we strongly encourage you to keep it simple. If you have 20 links, listeners won't clic on any of them. If you have only 1 link, you'll have traffic. In marketing, we call this the "analysis paralysis". If it's impossible for you to send only one link, maybe it's time to redesign a section of your website where people can find ALL of your other links.

4.Prepare for the Interview: Once you’ve been invited to be a guest on the podcast, it’s time to prepare. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the topics that will be discussed and the format of the interview. You should also prepare a few questions to ask the host. Remember, the main difference between a podcast and a regular radio show is the "unscripted" aspect of it. It's an improvised conversation between 2 experts, no filter, no edit. At, we strongly encourage all of our host and guests to keep a piece of paper near by during the interview. This will help you remembering some elements and maybe take notes of things you would like to elaborate on later in the conversation.

5. Promote the Podcast: After the podcast has been released, make sure to promote it. Share it on your social media channels and encourage your followers to listen. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase your visibility in your niche. Please, do not harass the host or the podcast producer of the show by asking 10k times when the episode will be released. If the show is well managed, YOU'LL KNOW!

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful guest speaker on a podcast in your niche. If you do not want to take this time and energy consuming task on your shoulders, there's a lot of booking agencies out there.

Take a look at to know more about our Podcast Booking services.

Good luck!

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