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This service is a key-in-hand, all inclusive podcast production service from show creation to full marketing. In easier terms, you will just have to record your episode and we will take care of all the rest! This pack is created for podcasters that recognise the value of hosting a great show but do not have the time to manage every single component of this massive endeavour.

This monthly service includes:

-Access to our million dollar network of real estate, mindset and business podcasters and potential guests

-Coordination of outreach process for booking guests on your show

-Coordination of booking you on other Podcasts

-Systemisation of podcast booking and guest-host communication via automated workflow and Virtual Assistants

-Branding Strategy; competition analysis, creation of the show visual identity based on your mission, goals and core values, implementation schedule.

-Graphic Design (Podcast Logo, Podcast artwork, episode covers, Micro content background, Custom Background, banners, thumbnails and more...)

-Creation of Intro and Outro with your very own voice over and royalty free images

-Creation of animated titles and CTA buttons

-Full Video Editing of every single episode

-Full Audio Editing including mastering of every single episode

-Extraction of a determined amount of shorts video snippets per episode relevant to today's market trends and podcast's mission

-Extraction of written transcription for Newsletters, web content, blog posts...etc.

-Upload and release scheduling

-Show notes with or without timestamp

-Proper ID3 Meta Tags for SEO optimisation 

-Acting Coaching

-Social media management, if needed

-Social media coaching, if needed

-Management of your paid advertisement campaign, if needed. The budget for paid ads is billed separately and is not included in the fee.

The fee for premium podcast production starts at 1800$/month* 

*2800$ is to be paid upfront, this amount is used to cover all cost involved in the creatives, setting up all platforms and implementing the production process.



We will assist you from the very first moment. We will coach you in order to conduct a successful and productive brainstorm. We will make sure your show stands out and carried on by your strength as a podcaster. This phase is probably the most important one as it will set the tone of your whole project.

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​Once we settle on the concept of your show, we will translate this concept into design and art work. We will support you in writing of the show description by our professional broadcast copywriters, selecting custom licensed music for your show and logo design, creating Podcast Cover Art, Adding Album Art, Title & SEO Tags, set up all podcast hosting and distribution platforms, submission to multiple podcast platforms iTunes, iHeart, Spotify & Pandora...etc.

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Once you start doing business with us, the only thing you will have to do is to record your episode. We take care of all the rest; tech support for recording, professional Post Production full audio and video  editing and mastering of each show, audio and video production enhancements (vocal balancing, vocal compression, mixing in the open/close of the show with a custom music bed, mixing in commercials when needed, mixing down to -16 LUFS audio standard, titles and social media animation...etc), converting to high quality MP3, tagging the MP3 file with the proper ID3 Meta Tags, completed MP3 delivered to you or directly uploaded to your hosting platform.



We will schedule all the full episode releases on your hosting platform as well as on your youtube channel. We will support you in writing of the show description by our professional broadcast copywriters. We will also take care of all communication between guests and hosts making sure



This is where will become your best friend. We believe that a podcast is a tool to fuel your social media with relevant and curated content. We will take care of all your social media from creating content to scheduling all of your posts. We will also take care of your newsletter, blog posts and any other marketing need you have.


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