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When James Prendamano approached us to rebrand his real estate company in Staten Island, New York, we were thrilled to embark on this transformative journey. James, with his remarkable ability to predict and capitalize on market cycles, is a true visionary in the industry. Drawing inspiration from his foresight and keen eye for opportunities, we chose the "eye" as the central focus for the brand's icon.


This symbolizes James' capacity to envision projects and see beyond the surface, guiding his clients to success. Moreover, we incorporated the meaning of "Prendamano" in Italian, which translates to "taking by the hand." This embodies James' commitment to guiding and supporting his clients throughout their real estate journeys. Through our rebranding efforts, we aimed to capture James' unique strengths and elevate his company's presence in the market, positioning it as a trusted and forward-thinking partner for all real estate needs in Staten Island. Since then, James has changed the name of his company to PREREAL.

Dennis turned to us to rebrand his Building Men Podcast. As a father of three and a mentor to numerous young men, Dennis is dedicated to making a positive impact. He is the visionary founder and CEO of Building Men, a motivational platform that serves as a destination for authentic conversations about purpose, mindset, relationships, connections, and the fundamental building blocks for success. With his podcast, Dennis creates a space for open and honest discussions, offering valuable insights and inspiration to his listeners. Through the rebranding process, we are excited to amplify Dennis' mission and bring his impactful message to a wider audience, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and achieve greatness.

Austin Linney is a groundbreaking personal brand that challenges conventional norms by prioritizing radical transparency and self-reflection. Austin Linney's disruptive standing alone brand revolutionizes the concept of authenticity, urging individuals to strip away masks and societal expectations. With a commitment to being RAW, Austin Linney creates an inclusive space where genuine connections flourish, free from judgment and pretenses.


Through a celebration of imperfections and unique qualities, Austin Linney inspires others to live authentically, encouraging a life lived unapologetically. Explore and discover the transformative power of embracing vulnerability and living life to the fullest.

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